Friday, August 24, 2012

Fire Engine Friday: Hamilton Hand Power

Today is a little bit of a departure from the normal shiny new fire engines.
Cedar Fort has a limited number of fire engines so in order to keep this little "Fire Engine Friday" thing going and not bore everyone to tears, I need to expand this to include any fire engines I may find and photograph.
To emphasize "any" I will start with this little gem from Nevada. 
This is the Fire Fighting Cart from Hamilton, Nevada, along with the fire bell.

You can find this piece of fire fighting history outside of the Ely Volunteer Fire station on Mill Street in Ely, Nevada. Why a Hamilton, Nevada cart in Ely, I hear you ask. OK no I don't hear you, but I can imagine I do.
The cart is in Ely because Hamilton, Nevada is now a ghost town so there are no more people there to protect from fire.

I actually found this in Ely about 3 weeks after I visited and photographed some ruins in Hamilton which I believe I posted on Elko Daily Photo, which is the old name of this blog (so if you scroll thru the older posts you may find some from then or I may post more at a later date who knows)

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