Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Night of Art and Poor Yorick

   Tomorrow night is an event that is always chock full of artistic inspiration. I always seem to walk away with all kinds of new ideas for ways to explore my art.

   Poor Yorick Studios is one of those rare places where you can go to find local art. Let's face it, Salt Lake City is not known as a hot bed for world class art... but that doesn't mean we don't have world class artists. That is why, when talking about art in Salt Lake City and Poor Yorick Studios, you will inevitably hear the phrase  best kept secret bandied about nearly as often as Apple releases a new iPhone.

  The semi-annual Open Studio night at Poor Yorick Studios  is tomorrow night from 6pm to 10pm in Sugarhouse. This year's Studio Night features ART and if that were not enough... (as if you need more than that), there will be food, drinks and will feature live music from The Red Rock Hot Club.
   It is free as always (donations are always welcomed) but you should come early because there is always a good crowd and it takes a bit of time to fully enjoy all of the art in the 40 studios.
   Don't miss the fun and inspiration.

Location info:
Poor Yorick Studios
126 W Crystal Ave (2590 S), South Salt Lake, Utah 84115
Visit here for more info...
and on twitter: @PoorYorickArt

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Screamin' Eagle @ Throttle 215 This Weekend

OK all you Cedar Fort Motocross Racer's there is a Motocross Race this weekend in Salt Lake.

This is a USRA points event.
It is at Throttle 215 MX Park
2800 North Rose Park Lane, 
Salt Lake City, Utah 84116
Details... Here

Saturday, September 1, 2012

CDP Theme Day: People Watching

Watching people is a lot of fun...
This is a my dad helping my son work on the car. They did eventually get the bumper apron secured to the car and I am happy to say that the car did pass the safety inspection after this makeshift repair and the more involved repair that we did to the driver side front wheel hub earlier in the day.
It would have been more fun to get a shot of the three generations working on the hub but since we were the only ones there and someone had to take the picture... alas only these two made it in the shot.