Friday, October 5, 2012

Fire Engine Friday: Perry Point, Maryland

This is from the Fire Department in Perry Point.
The town where I grew up, in Cecil County, which is in the upper north east corner of Maryland.

  Perry Point is home to a large Veterans Administration Hospital and has a relatively large housing area that, if memory serves me, was for employees of the Hospital (not sure if it was available to anyone else).
  Lots of memories from Perry Point, mostly good... Seeing the big shiny fire trucks was some of those good memories. At the time I lived there they had fewer vehicles. I remember one big red American LeFrance, and a really old (even back then it seemed old) Ford pump truck, an Ambulance and a big blue boat that, in the summer, was moored at a temporary grey landing near the pier and pump house.

  Back then the security Force at Perry Point drove baby blue AMC Hornets and a Matador (possibly a Rambler)... I guess that kind of dates me... LOL!

  That was in 1977 and I can see little has changed at Perry Point since then but change has come, albeit pretty slowly as I found on their Facebook page. The trucks look shiny and new and they still have an ambulance and a boat (Marine 11) and a permanent mooring.

  The expansion to the original fire station shows boarded windows in the section I remember and that expansion was only in 2011. So it must have been great to get a new fire station. I will bet it is pretty cool.

I am planning a trip back there with my wife in the future to get some photos of the old hometown of Havre de Grace and Perry Point as well as Perryville and Port Deposit. Will likely stop in at the fire stations and say hello and take a few photos. 

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** The Photos today are from the Perry Point Fire Department Facebook page

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