Saturday, September 1, 2012

CDP Theme Day: People Watching

Watching people is a lot of fun...
This is a my dad helping my son work on the car. They did eventually get the bumper apron secured to the car and I am happy to say that the car did pass the safety inspection after this makeshift repair and the more involved repair that we did to the driver side front wheel hub earlier in the day.
It would have been more fun to get a shot of the three generations working on the hub but since we were the only ones there and someone had to take the picture... alas only these two made it in the shot.


  1. Fantastic photo for today's theme. It's glorious to have handymen in the family!

  2. Interesting proposal for the theme day. Well done!

  3. This HAS to be a trick photo.
    Toyotas don't break down !